Project Meetings

Water – A Combining Element

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First day in Kalajoki

All delegations have arrived in Kalajoki and are now meeting for the first time in Virta Sali in the local library.

On the way to Kalajoki

The German team is on the way with a first stop at Hamburg Central Station heading further to the airport. Ready for take-off ✈️ Helsinki welcomes us with familiar weather conditions ☔️

2nd Day in Naples

21st May On Tuesday morning we stayed at school as the students of the five partner schools presented their researches on water represented in fine arts of their home country and on the role of water in the history and legends of their town and of the surrounding region. Later the students set up an …

3rd Day in Naples

22nd May We spent the whole day sightseeing at the Archaeological Site of Pompeii. It was so impressing to visit the ruins of that ancient city: the ‘Necropolis’, the Amphitheater, the Temples, the Baths, the houses of the Romans, the streets with any kind of shops, even the ones that used to sell ‘street-food’ …The …