Day 1 in Heraklion

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Day 1 in Heraklion

4th of November 2019

The first day of our 3rd transnational meeting was such a wonderful day!  In the multipurpose hall of 13th Gymnasium of Heraklion, which was decorated for the special occasion, we spent time with our old friends and got to know the new ones.

After welcoming the teams of students and teachers, we played an ice breaking game in order to present ourselves and presented the videos of our school and our city prepared by Greek students.

Ice breaking game

Italian team

Spanish team

German team

Finnish team

After that all five countries presented the videos they had made for a “Cleaning a touristic place” activity held in each country.

A snack break followed and after that all teams posted their photos of “20 year challenge” showing a now touristic place and how it used to be.

Brochures of the five cities, Westerstede, Naples, Vera, Kalajoki and Heraklio, made by students, were distributed to all participants.

After a tour in the school guided by students, a Greek class took place by two Greek students, Spyridoula and Sofia so that our guests could get acquainted with every day words and phrases.

Since the day was warm and sunny, we enjoyed a walk to the Archaeological site of Knossos Palace which is very close to 13th Gymnasium of Heraklion where we had a very interesting guided tour learning about ancient history of the island of Crete.

In the evening, a “to know us better” party was held for the students at a host house in a village where the students had a great time dancing, singing, talking and eating pizza. The teachers had the chance to eat Cretan food in the village’s traditional kafeneio.

You can now enjoy watching the best moments of our first day together!!