WATER – A Combining Element

Erasmus+ Programme 2018–2020

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Third International Project Meeting

Our third international project meeting takes place in Ηράκλειο/Heraklion (Greece) from 3 to 9 November 2019.

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Project Idea

The topic of water is probably one of the strongest connecting elements between people.

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This project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union


Increasing our students’ ability of critical thinking in dealing with our natural resource water is the project’s major goal. Therefore, our students are going to explore our European heritage in connection with water. Moreover, all activities planned should lead to a greater understanding of systemic connections. Thus, we shall deal with five different fields of study.

A smartphone app and this website will provide the results of the project to students and teachers on a long-term basis.

Art and History (Module 1)

This module examines how the perception of water has changed from an artistic point of view in the different European regions over time and what the differences there are today.

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Tourism and Sport (Module 2)

This module focuses on the recreational function of water.

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Environment and Climate Change (Module 3)

Changes due to predicted climate change and possible mitigation and adaptation measures in the participating regions are the focus of this module,

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Water Management (Module 4)

This module analyses the vital procurement of drinking water, water as an economic factor as well as measures of protection against water.

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Ports (Module 5)

“Ports” are places where people have always met to trade goods or exchange ideas, and are thus central to the development of entire regions even though their role and significance may have changed over time.

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Participating Schools

The main focus of the project is the international European cooperation between schools from different cultural and natural environments. Each school is responsible for one of the modules.

Liceo Ginnasio G. B. Vico

Napoli, Italy

Module 1:
Art and History

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13o Γυμνάσιο Ηρακλείου

Ηράκλειο, Greece

Module 2:
Tourism and Sport

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I. E. S. El Palmeral

Vera, Spain

Module 3:
Environment and Climate Change

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Europaschule Gymnasium Westerstede

Westerstede, Germany

Module 4:
Water Management

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Merenojan koulu

Kalajoki, Finland

Module 5:

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International Project Meetings

There will be five international project meetings at which the project results are going to be compiled, discussed and edited with five students and two teachers from each partner school present.

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