Tourism and Sport (Module 2)

Water – A Combining Element

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Interviewing Athletes

Students were asked to take interviews from athletes in water sports in order to find out their motivation to start, the difficulties they face in each country and what they earn doing the specific sport. Spanish interviews German interviews Italian interviews Greek interview

Clean a touristic site at/near your hometown

All five groups of participant students of the five schools chose and cleaned a beach or a place where many people gather in peak season. They took photos and short videos and they created a nice video showing what they did and how many rubbish they collected during their activity day. Spanish video: Italian …

Touristic place: 20 -year photo challenge

How tourism has affected the natural environment and the water resources in your area? All five groups found old photographs of places with water and compared them with photos of today. Finnish photos German photos Italian photos Greek photos

Questionnaire for tourists

Questionnaire for tourists: When I am a tourist! The students that participated in our Erasmus+ project and their parents were asked to answer to a questionnaire related to Tourism and Water. Below you can see the summary of their responses You can find the questionnaire at the following address and if you would like, you …

Tourist guides

Considering themselves owners of a touristic office or mayors of their city, students created an informational brochure which could be folded and easily distributed. They included inside the places they would recommend to tourists to visit (landscapes with water in your area or other facilities where water sports take place). Greek guides German guide Italian …

Tourism and water: Data and facts

The students of all five schools created infgraphics after doing research about Tourism and water. Spanish poster Italian poster Finnish poster Greek poster

Tourism and Sport (Module 2)

The 13th Gymnasium of Heraklion (Greece) is responsible for Module 2, “Tourism andSport”. This module focuses on the recreational function of water. The students will analyse the importance of tourism on the water bodies near the participating schools. The project groups will explore the question what effects tourism has on the economy, the labour market …