Napoli: May 2019

Water – A Combining Element

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1 Day in Naples

20th May 2019 On the first day we met at G.B. Vico high school, so happy to welcome our European friends! Then we met in Aula Magna and our Principal Ms Maria Clotilde Paisio welcomed our guests warmely. Then a creative workshop: together we worked at decorating a nice Tshirt for our friends! And after …

Day 3 in Naples

22nd May We spent the whole day sightseeing at the Archaeological Site of Pompeii. It was so impressing to visit the ruins of that ancient city: the ‘Necropolis’, the Amphitheater, the Temples, the Baths, the houses of the Romans, the streets with any kind of shops, even the ones that used to sell ‘street-food’ …The …