2nd Day in Naples

Water – A Combining Element

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2nd Day in Naples

21st May

On Tuesday morning we stayed at school as the students of the five partner schools presented their researches on water represented in fine arts of their home country and on the role of water in the history and legends of their town and of the surrounding region.

Later the students set up an exhibition with their paintings/drawings and their artistic photos representing water creatively. Then they voted for the best photo of each country. In the captions the winning photos are indicated.

In the afternoon we went to Naples ‘Town Hall’ to meet Mr Raffaele Del Giudice, Councillor for the Environment, to discover how water management works in Naples. Here you will find an article written by a student.

Erasmus group with Mr Raffaele Del Giudice, Councillor for the Environment in Naples

Erasmus teachers and Mr Raffaele Del Giudice

A view of piazza del Plebiscito seen by the Town Hall

In the end the Erasmus group visited ‘Castel Nuovo’, also called ‘Maschio Angioino’ guided by students of G.B.Vico high school.

video of the day made by the students