Module 4: Vital Procurement of Drinking Water

Water – A Combining Element

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Heraklion’s Drinking Water and Sewage Water Treatment

Take a look at the Greek students’ presentation to find out how drinking water has been provided and processed in their region.

Sewage Water Processing in Northwest Germany

In Nordenham the OOWV, our regional water supplier, runs a test facility to find out how to clean the water that leaves a sewage plant so that our industry can use this water instead of our limited groundwater. The OOWV and the university in Dresden made a huge prototype system in this container with different …

Water Supply in Northwest Germany

Our regional water supplier, the OOWV, supplies 13 regional districts in Lower Saxony with fresh drinking water and is responsible for sewage treatment in some muncipalities. The following steps are important for water treatment: The first step is to pump groundwater from various wells in the surrounding area into the waterworks. There it is ventilated …