Day 3 in Vera

Water – A Combining Element

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Day 3 in Vera


Our third day with our Erasmus friends has been amazing.
First, we have visited the Pita Escuela in Los Molinos Del Río Aguas, a self sufficient village where we have learnt a lot about the Agave (pita). 95% of this plant is water, and it’s an example of maximum efficiency in nature; it needs very little water, but we can get lots of things from it: drinks, sugar, syrup, fiber, biomass, and wood from its once-in-a-lifetime astonishing flower.

Timbe, the German guy who runs the place, has shown us how to make musical instruments, jewelery, carpets, ornaments, models, …
We have also walked along the riverbank up to the spring where the river flows from underground water. It’s an incredible oasis with a micro climate, full of vegetation in the middle of the Tabernas Desert. 

In the afternoon, we visited the Cuevas de Sorbas. We began by exploring the surface, where the guide explained how the water has formed more than 1000 caves throughout millions of years in this Karst area, the third largest in Europe.

After lunch, we put on our speleologists helmets and explored the Cueva del Yeso.
Finally, we ended our day playing volleyball at the beach in Garrucha and having dinner all together.