Day 2 in Vera

Water – A Combining Element

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Day 2 in Vera


Today we completed the 2nd
day of our Programme.

The group formed by 40
students and 11 teachers has visited the premises of Cualin Quality, a 40-ha high-technology
greenhouse complex which stands out for hydroponic growing of several varieties
of tomatoes. It has been a most interesting visit in which we have learnt about
the efficient use of water in this type of agriculture.

After that, we have travelled
to Carboneras to visit the Desalination Plant. The students have tasted water
at the entrance (sea water) and at the end of the visit (drinkable water).

After a good meal at Restaurante Felipe, we have visited the Lighthouse at Mesa Roldán to enjoy the magnificent view of Cabo de Gata Natural Park.