Day 1 in Vera

Water – A Combining Element

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Day 1 in Vera

German Team’s report.

Our first day held a lot of pleasant surprises in store for our group. After a special assembly with excellent musical performances and interesting speeches we were taken on a very comprehensive tour around school.

Welcome to Erasmus+ in Vera

Subsequently, the project got off to a very good start through video presentations, the planting of seeds and flowers at a greenhouse specifically built for Erasmus and a Spanish lesson which combined vocabulary practice and edutainment.

In the afternoon, the exploration of the harbour was on our schedule. Once again, we learnt a lot!

We were made to feel very welcome by teachers and students alike. Carlos and his team are fantastic.

German delegation and their partners

This morning the Erasmus students came to our school for the first time. Before that they met up to eat churros, the norm here in Vera, but, after that we started the opening ceremony. 
The ceremony contained various speeches from our Headteacher, our Coordinator and some educational authorities, musical acts and finally the presentation of each visiting team and the Spanish students hosting them.
After that, a school tour was held so that the visitors could find their way around the school in the future. Then, we set up the posters for the Environmental Campaign and watched the videos produced by the students from each school. 
In the next hour we split into groups, one went to the bullring and the pottery workshop, the other planted stuff in our newly made greenhouse, then the groups swapped around. 
Finally, our guests received Spanish class from our students-turned-teachers. That concluded the morning.
We had a 2-hour break for lunch and then met again to visit the Port of Garrucha, where we were able to access a restricted area and learn how the mineral is loaded onto the ships and then exported to countries all over the world. 
We have really enjoyed our first day, very busy, but very profitable. Our guests are very grateful and we are happy to see that we are working together and learning.

Finnish team and their Spanish hosts

German team

Greek team

Italian team