Water – A Combining Element

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What the Westerstede Meeting Might Have Been Like

The Spanish students have made a video clip of the “not-done and not-to-be-done trip to Westerstede. Watch it here: Thank you so much for this wonderful clip. We hope you’ll make it to Westerstede someday!

Heraklion’s Drinking Water and Sewage Water Treatment

Take a look at the Greek students’ presentation to find out how drinking water has been provided and processed in their region.

Water as an Economic Factor in Vera

The Spanish students have made a presentation that explains in how far water is an economic factor in their region.

Protection Against Water in Vera

The Spanish students have made a presentation that explains some of the flood protection measures in their region.

Sewage Water Processing in Northwest Germany

In Nordenham the OOWV, our regional water supplier, runs a test facility to find out how to clean the water that leaves a sewage plant so that our industry can use this water instead of our limited groundwater. The OOWV and the university in Dresden made a huge prototype system in this container with different …

Use of Water on the Albring dairy farm in Westerstede

> German version What do they use water for?The dairy farm uses water to clean the site and machines, such as the vehicles, the milking parlour or the calf igloos. The animals also need water to drink. However, they do not use water to clean the barns. How much water is used? Generally, a cow …

Wassernutzung auf dem Milchviehbetrieb Albring in Westerstede

> English version Wofür benutzen sie Wasser? Der Viehbetrieb benutzt Wasser zum Säubern von Anlagen und Maschinen, wie z. B. den Fahrzeugen, dem Melkstand oder den Kälber-Iglus. Außerdem brauchen die Tiere Wasser zum Trinken. Jedoch benutzen sie kein Wasser, um die Ställe zu säubern. Wie viel Wasser wird benutzt? Generell trinkt eine Kuh ungefähr 80 …

5th Day in Naples

24th May On Friday morning teachers met at school to evaluate the Erasmus meeting, while students made the videos/presentations of the five days in Naples. Finally we took a picture of our friends. The we went out to visit the old city centre, guided by students of G.B.Vico High School. The international meetings in Naples …

No Final Project Meeting in Westerstede

After having worked together closely during our joint Erasmus+ project “Water – A Combining Element” for almost two years, and having already had transnational project meetings in Vera (March/April 2019), Naples (May 2019), Heraklion (November 2019), and Kalajoki (February 2020), we are currently facing an event of force majeure that hinders the ordinary implementation of …

Use of Water in Typical Northwest German Agricultural Activities

Questions Business 1 (cows) Business 2 (horticulture) 1. What do you use water for? Drinking supply for the animals, as well as cleaning of the milking parlour, barn and equipment. They use it to water the plants and to clean the green houses. 2. How much water do you use? Per day 10.000 litres.Per year …