Water – A Combining Element

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Task 9. Building a Greenhouse

Click this link to watch the video of how we built our Greenhouse.

Task 2. Environmental awareness.

Letters to politicians demanding more actions to protect the environment.

Activities for Module 3

In this document you can find the activities we have designed for you to work on our Module 3 “Environment and Climate Change”:

Ports (Module 5)

The Finnish partner school, Merenojan koulu, oversees Module 5, “Ports”, which turns to areas that have always been places where people meet to trade goods or exchange ideas, and thus are central to the development of entire regions, although their meaning might have changed over time. The focus will be put on the location of …

Water Management (Module 4)

Module 4, “Water Management”, analyses the vital procurement of drinking water, water as an economic factor and protection against water. This module is organized by Europaschule Gymnasium Westerstede (Germany). People have always managed the waters in the environment surrounding them. They use rivers and lakes as transport routes, change them according to their needs, use …

Environment and Climate Change (Module 3)

Changes due to the predicted climate change and possible mitigation and adaptation measures in the participating regions are the focus of Module 3, “Environment and Climate Change”, headed by I. E. S. El Palmeral (Spain). Climate change can cause water scarcity and other environmental disasters like floods. The project participants will study the changes expected …

Tourism and Sport (Module 2)

The 13th Gymnasium of Heraklion (Greece) is responsible for Module 2, “Tourism andSport”. This module focuses on the recreational function of water. The students will analyse the importance of tourism on the water bodies near the participating schools. The project groups will explore the question what effects tourism has on the economy, the labour market …

Art and History (Module 1)

Module 1, “Art and History”, organized by Liceo Ginnasio G. B.Vico (Italy), examines how in the different regions the perception of water has changed over time from an artistic point of view and how this is reflected in today’s painting, music, and literature. The students will investigate the importance of water as a leitmotif in …