Europaschule Gymnasium Westerstede

Water – A Combining Element

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Europaschule Gymnasium Westerstede

Europaschule Gymnasium Westerstede is the coordinating school of this project.

There are some 1,200 students at Europaschule Gymnasium Westerstede, who are taught by about 120 teachers. The students are between nine and 19 years old and attend Years 5 to 12. After the first foreign language English, the second foreign language is taken from Year 6, namely Spanish, Latin or French. One of the main focuses of the school is bilingual teaching in geography, biology, history and religious education from Year 7 onwards. Another focus is the music branch with its so-called music branch classes.

Gymnasium Westerstede has been conducting exchange projects in Year 10 with partner schools in Lithuania, Slovakia, Poland and the Netherlands every year for more than 20 years. In Year 8, exchange projects with schools in France and Spain are now taking place.