No Final Project Meeting in Westerstede

Water – A Combining Element

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No Final Project Meeting in Westerstede

After having worked together closely during our joint Erasmus+ project “Water – A Combining Element” for almost two years, and having already had transnational project meetings in Vera (March/April 2019), Naples (May 2019), Heraklion (November 2019), and Kalajoki (February 2020), we are currently facing an event of force majeure that hinders the ordinary implementation of the planned transnational project meeting here in Westerstede in May 2020.

By circular order of our State School Authority on 13 March 2020, all schools in our federal state of Lower Saxony remain closed from 16 March 2020 until 18 April 2020 and all school exchange activities up to the end of this term in July 2020 must be cancelled in order to prevent the possibility of mutual infection with the coronavirus as far as possible. Thus, unfortunately, the last project meeting of our Erasmus+ project from 3 to 9 May 2020 must be cancelled.

We hope to
be able to end the project in an alternative way. The project leaders at our
five schools are currently developing ideas of how to work on the project tasks