Day 4. Museum, games, lessons.

Water – A Combining Element

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Day 4. Museum, games, lessons.

Today we all left our homes in excitement, as most of us were going to experience for the first time how it felt to be at -10º. Well, not all of us, since there are some “specimens”, such as Annie and Marcus, who don’t seem to care about how cold it is for the rest of us “mortals”.

We started the day by visiting the museum of Kalajoki, which is actually a mansion that belonged to a rich family in the early 1900s, and was donated to the city after the last member of the family passed away, at the end of the 20th century. The group was split into two, so while half of the students were visiting the museum, the other half stayed outside and tried to keep warm by playing games in the yard.

After having lunch back at the school, the students went back out to prepare the next activity: taking pictures of Kalajoki in the winter, and then comparing them with the ones taken by the Finnish students in the summer.

Finally, we all learnt a little more about the Finnish educational system by attending some of their lessons.