Kalajoki: February 2020

Water – A Combining Element

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Day 2. Visit to the Port of Kalajoki, winter games, museum.

The day started off with a visit to the commercial and fishing ports of Kalajoki. There was very little activity, but the guide showed us around the facilities and we learnt that timber (wood used for construction) is the main exported product. Then, we went to Pakka, an adventure park where we enjoyed some delicious …

Day 1. Icebreakers and presentations.

Today we’ve had a warm welcome from our Finnish friends, who have presented us with some beautiful beanies and water bottles. Then, they have organised some fun icebreakers so that we got to know each other. After a very early lunch (at 10:30!!), all the teams have presented their assignments on Module V (Ports) And …

Team Spain’s journey

We’ve had to split our 4000-km journey from Vera to Kalajoki into two stages: Stage 1: Vera-Alicante-Stockholm: Stage 2: Stockholm-Helsinki-Ylivieska-Kalajoki

First day in Kalajoki

All delegations have arrived in Kalajoki and are now meeting for the first time in Virta Sali in the local library.

On the way to Kalajoki

The German team is on the way with a first stop at Hamburg Central Station heading further to the airport. Ready for take-off ✈️ Helsinki welcomes us with familiar weather conditions ☔️